This in-depth comparative study demonstrates that the hospital established in China - its planning and architecture, financing, and all aspects of day-to-day operation - differed from its counterpart at home. These differences were never due to a single, or even dominant cause. They were a result of a complex process involving accommodation, appreciation, negotiation, opportunism and pragmatism.

chapter |16 pages


part |4 pages

Section I—The Historical Content

part |4 pages

Section II—The Physical Hospital

chapter 3|10 pages

Early Days—Adapted Buildings

chapter 4|20 pages

Putting Down Roots—The Doctor-Builder

chapter 5|20 pages

The Arrival of Architects

part |6 pages

Section III—Financing The Hospital Enterprise

chapter 6|14 pages

Who Should Pay?

chapter 7|20 pages

Who Did Pay?

part |2 pages

Section IV—The Patient's Experience

chapter 8|26 pages

Entering a Hospital

chapter 9|28 pages

Life on the Ward