The Dream Experience provides the mental health professional with a systematic scientific basis for understanding the dream as a psychological event. Milton Kramer’s extensive research, along with the findings of others, establishes that dreams are structured, not random, and linked meaningfully to conscious events in daily life and past memories. The book explores this link between dreams and consciousness, providing a review of information about normative dreaming, typical or repetitive dreams, and nightmares, while also showing how mental health professionals can use dream content in therapy with clients. Kramer’s book is an illuminating description of dreaming for dreamers, therapists and neuroscientists.

chapter |15 pages


chapter |15 pages

Do Dreams Exist?

chapter |18 pages

The Recall and Collection of Dreams

chapter |12 pages

The Measurement of Dreams

chapter |11 pages

Dreams and Psychological Differences

chapter |10 pages

The Reactive Nature of Dreaming

chapter |12 pages

Dreams and Waking Thought

chapter |31 pages

Dream Meaning

chapter |27 pages

The Functions of Dreams

chapter |15 pages

The Biology of Dream Formation