The only comprehensive text available for advanced study and professional reference, this book brings much needed clarity to both the theoretical and practical aspects of EU intervention.

Integrating both theoretical and practical research in a clear and accessible structure, covering economic, social and territorial issues European Cohesion Policy provides a systematic view of the various stages of the whole policy cycle, looking in detail at:

  • the evolution of the problems
  • the design of the policy system
  • the implementation in practice
  • the evaluation of effects .

An authoritative analysis of the problems and debates involved, European Cohesion Policy is essential reading for students, policy makers, development workers and researchers working in all aspects of European policy.

chapter 1|12 pages

Introduction: Introducing the policy cycle

part |2 pages

STAGE I Assessing the problems and identifying their causes

chapter 2|21 pages

Disparities: general

chapter 3|24 pages

Economic disparities

chapter 4|23 pages

Social disparities

chapter 5|18 pages

Territorial disparities

part |2 pages

STAGE II Designing a solution-oriented intervention system

chapter 6|28 pages

Policy fundamentals

part |2 pages

STAGE III Specifying objectives and matching these with instruments

part |2 pages

STAGE IV Implementing actions and delivering results

chapter 9|30 pages

Implementation and delivery

part |2 pages

STAGE V Checking effectiveness and consistency

chapter 10|31 pages


chapter 11|21 pages

Consistency with other EU policies

part |2 pages

STAGE VI Drawing lessons

chapter 12|21 pages

Conclusions and outlook