The Mediation of Power investigates how those in positions of power use and are influenced by media in their everyday activities. Each chapter examines this theme through an exploration of some of the key topics and debates in the field, including:

  • theories of media and power
  • media policy and the economics of information
  • news production and journalistic practice
  • public relations and media management
  • culture and power
  • political communication and mediated politics
  • new and alternative media
  • interest group communications
  • media audiences and effects.

The debates are enlivened by first-hand accounts taken from over 200 high-profile interviews with politicians, journalists, public officials, spin doctors, campaigners and captains of industry. Tim Bell, David Blunkett, Iain Duncan Smith, Simon Heffer, David Hill, Simon Hughes, Trevor Kavanagh, Neil Kinnock, Peter Riddell, Polly Toynbee, Michael White and Ann Widdecombe are some of those cited.

chapter 10|8 pages