Beyond Dance: Laban's Legacy of Movement Analysis offers students of dance and movement a brief introduction to the life and work of Rudolf Laban, and how this work has been extended into the fields of movement therapy, communications, early childhood development, and other fields.

While many dance students know of Laban and his work as it applies to their field, few know the full story of how this technique has developed and grown. For many who enter into the fields of dance movement therapy, performance, and communications, there are valuable lessons to be learned from Laban and his follower's works. Beyond Dance offers a concise introduction to this world. Refreshingly free of jargon and easy to understand, the work offers dance students – and others interested in human movement – a full picture of the many possibilities inherent in Laban's theories. For many who will pursue careers 'beyond dance', this work will be a useful guidebook into related areas.

This will be ideally suited to students of Laban movement theory in dance and movement therapy, and will be used in advanced courses in these areas as useful, brief introduction to the field.

chapter 1|14 pages

Laban in Europe

chapter 2|16 pages

Laban's War Effort

chapter 3|20 pages

Shape and Effort

chapter 4|23 pages

Arriving at Aptitude Assessment

chapter 5|25 pages

Action Profilers International

chapter 6|11 pages

Movement Analysis and Personality

chapter 7|21 pages

Movement and Gender

chapter 8|14 pages

All the World's a Stage