This is a basic, short guide that helps students make the transition to writing at college or university as simple as possible, providing them with the basic skills they need to write in an effective academic style.

The authors draw on their own work to demystify the academic writing process that many students, in all disciplines, find daunting. By understanding exactly what obstacles students face when approaching writing at university they offer proven advice that is simple, uncomplicated and easily achievable.

Clear and accessible, this book gives students step-by-step advice to overcome the main hurdles. It covers: 

  • overcoming apprehension – then making sure you know exactly what you are supposed to do
  • planning reading – managing your time and keeping your focus, helping you get the material that needs to be in your work
  • getting organised – you are ready to write the first draft, take a break and finally come back and edit it.

Jargon-free, the book helps students at all levels of higher education to write clearly and persuasively, expressing both opinions and findings.

chapter |4 pages


chapter 1|19 pages

No problem

chapter 2|15 pages

What’s it all about?

chapter 3|13 pages

Read right, write right

chapter 4|12 pages

Creating a plan

chapter 5|18 pages

Joined-up writing

chapter 6|14 pages

Style and impact

chapter 7|15 pages

Style and convention

chapter 8|14 pages

Making it better