This work, designed for A-Level and undergraduate students, describes how behaviour can interact with stress to produce ill-health and, conversely, how stress can be managed to avoid the dangers of heart disease and other illnesses.  Health psychology has a relatively short history, but the past decade has witnessed an explosion of interest in this topic.  It is designed to be accessible to the beginning psychology student but to take that student, or any other interested reader, to a depth sufficient to enable them to feel a sense of satisfaction in being able to co me to grips with the major theoretical and empirical perspectives that are influential in contemporary psychology. Professor Carroll has, himself, a distinguished record of research in health psychology and his own research and writing has substantially influenced the development of this field in Britain..

chapter Chapter 1|10 pages

Introduction: Stress, Behaviour, and Disease

chapter Chapter 2|11 pages

Type A Behaviour and Coronary Heart Disease

chapter Chapter 3|11 pages

Hypertension and Cardiovascular Reactions to Stress

chapter Chapter 4|10 pages

Cancer and the Immune System

chapter Chapter 5|11 pages

The Challenge of AIDS

chapter Chapter 7|10 pages

Exercise, Fitness, and Health

chapter Chapter 8|10 pages

Taking One’s Medicine: Following Therapeutic Advice

chapter Chapter 9|13 pages

Pain and Psychological Approaches to its Management

chapter Chapter 10|9 pages

Final Comments: Gender, Race, Social Class, and Health