This book presents for the first time in English a detailed study of the closest friends and most trusted commanders of Alexander the Great - their career-progress, their rivalry with one another, and their influence on Alexander. The Marshals of Alexander's Empire is a blend of biography and prosopography that sheds light on some of the most dynamic individuals of the age of Alexander.

part |2 pages

Part I

chapter i|54 pages

The 'Old Guard'

chapter ii|107 pages

The 'New Men'

chapter iii|41 pages

Casualties of the Succession

chapter iv|30 pages

The so-called 'Boyhood Friends' of Alexander

part |2 pages

Part II

chapter v|62 pages

The Somatophylakes

chapter vi|8 pages

Commanders of Regular Hypaspists

chapter vii|13 pages

Commanders of the Argyraspids

chapter viii|24 pages

Commanders of Infantry

chapter ix|22 pages

Commanders of Cavalry