This book will help headteachers, managers and governors diagnose and tackle poor performance where it has arisen and help them to prevent poor performance in the future.
The book investigates a whole range of solutions and issues and includes detailed case-studies on:
* remedial action
* disciplinary action
* legal and moral issues
* employment law
* dismissals and appeals.

chapter 1|5 pages


part |1 pages

Part I

chapter 2|10 pages

Managing staff

chapter 3|12 pages

Poor performance and its causes

chapter 5|13 pages

Legal and moral issues GRAHAM CLAYTON

chapter 6|6 pages

Governor involvement

part |1 pages

Part II

chapter 8|29 pages

Particular groups and issues

part |1 pages

Part III

chapter 9|29 pages

Case studies

part |1 pages

Part IV

chapter 10|9 pages

A framework for action