This book examines the social, economic and political issues of public health provision in historical perspective. It outlines the development of public health in Britain, Continental Europe and the United States from the ancient world through to the modern state. It includes discussion of:

* pestilence, public order and morality in pre-modern times
* the Enlightenment and its effects
* centralization in Victorian Britain
* localization of health care in the United States
* population issues and family welfare
* the rise of the classic welfare state
* attitudes towards public health into the twenty-first century.

chapter |8 pages


Changing definitions of the history of public health

part Part 1|52 pages

Population, health and pre-modern states

chapter 1|13 pages

Health and morality in the ancient world

chapter 3|16 pages

Enlightenment discourse and health

part Part 2|102 pages

The right to health and the modern state

part Part 3|116 pages

The obligations of health in the twentieth century

part Part 4|35 pages

Preparing for the twenty. first century

chapter |6 pages