Whether you are creating a catchy and fun cartoon, designing a print banner advertisement, or developing content for a mobile game, save time and money with expert techniques, trips and tricks from by Adobe Certified Expert, Rafiq Elmansy with Illustrator Foundations. With practical applications and step by step tutorials, solve problems quickly to develop creative projects on time and to budget. Want to hone your Illustrator skills so you can remain competitive in a diverse market while concentrating on your vector graphics projects? Then Illustrator Foundations is for you! With real-world professional projects you'll discover how to: develop mobile applications, work with layers, masks, vector images and many more tips and tricks not found anywhere else! Harness the full Creative Suite software package with tips on how to integrate Illustrator with Photoshop and After Effects. This book is a goldmine of artistic inspiration, timesaving practical tips, tricks and step-by-step walkthroughs; you'll wonder how you survived this long without it. Put the Adobe Illustrator CS6 techniques to the test with the fully updated companion website with downloadable Illustrator source files, examples and video tutorials.

chapter 1|22 pages

Introducing Adobe Illustrator CS6

chapter 2|18 pages

Managing Documents in Adobe Illustrator

chapter 3|20 pages

Drawing in Illustrator

chapter 4|14 pages

Working with Color

chapter 5|16 pages

Working with the Gradient Tool

chapter 6|10 pages

Working with Patterns

chapter 7|22 pages

Editing Artwork

chapter 8|20 pages


chapter 9|18 pages

Working with Type

chapter 10|16 pages

Masks, Blends, and Blending Modes

chapter 11|16 pages

Working with Images and Image Trace

chapter 12|14 pages

Symbols and Graphs

chapter 13|24 pages

3D and Drawing in Perspective

chapter 14|16 pages

Working with Effects

chapter 15|14 pages

Arranging and Saving Artwork

chapter 16|16 pages

Illustrator for Web

chapter 17|16 pages


chapter 18|14 pages

Integration with Adobe CS6 Applications