This practical, hands-on guide addresses the problems and difficult choices that professional compositors face on a daily basis. You are presented with tips, techniques, and solutions for dealing with badly shot elements, color artifacts, mismatched lighting and other commonly-faced compositing obstacles. Practical, in-depth lessons are featured for bluescreen matte extraction, despill operations, compositing operations, as well as color-correction.

The book is presented entirely in an application-agnostic manner, allowing you to apply lessons learned to your compositing regardless of the software application you are using. The DVD contains before and after examples as well as exercise files for you to refine your own techniques on.

New to the 3rd edition is an entirely new chapter entitled 'CGI Compositing Techniques', covering how the modern CGI production pipeline is now pushing many tasks that used to be done in the 3D department into the compositing department. All technological changes that have occurred between now and the publication of the 2nd edition are covered, as well as new media on the DVD and corresponding lessons within the book.

chapter 1|14 pages


chapter 2|56 pages

Pulling Mattes

chapter 3|14 pages

Refining Mattes

chapter 4|18 pages


chapter 5|32 pages

The Composite

chapter 6|42 pages

CGI Compositing

chapter 7|16 pages

Blend Operations

chapter 8|44 pages


chapter 9|24 pages

Camera Effects

chapter 10|44 pages


chapter 11|14 pages


chapter 12|38 pages


chapter 13|28 pages


chapter 14|32 pages

Log vs. Linear

chapter 15|26 pages

Log Images