<div>Understand the core concepts and skills of multimedia production and digital storytelling using text, graphics, photographs, sound, motion, and video. Then, put it all together using the skills that you have developed for effective project planning, collaboration, visual communication, and graphic design. Presented in full color with hundreds of vibrant illustrations, "Multimedia Foundations" trains you in the principles and skill sets common to all forms of digital media production, enabling you to create successful, engaging content, no matter what tools you are using. Companion website features a wealth of web resources, illustrations, and video tutorials demonstrating the key techniques presented in the book. Improve projects with core principles of visual communication and graphic design. Learn necessary strategies for project planning, organization, and asset management. Understand the intricacy of design and production workflows. Effectively navigate postproduction and the distribution of multimedia content. Utilize the companion web site video tutorials and links to go along with each of the chapters.</div>

part |1 pages

SECTION 1 Multimedia Foundations

chapter 1|31 pages

Understanding Multimedia

chapter 2|35 pages

The Computer

chapter 3|21 pages

CHAPTER.3. Planning and Design

part |1 pages

SECTION 2 Multimedia Design

chapter 4|32 pages

. Visual Communication

chapter 5|26 pages

CHAPTER.5. Multimedia Page Design

chapter 6|28 pages

CHAPTER.6. Interface Design and Usability

chapter 7|33 pages

CHAPTER.7. Web Design

part |1 pages

SECTION 3 Static Media

chapter 8|27 pages


chapter 9|31 pages


chapter 10|35 pages

. Photography

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SECTION 4 Time-Based Media

chapter 11|37 pages

CHAPTER.11.Audio Production

chapter 12|30 pages

CHAPTER.12.Sound and Video Recording

chapter 13|31 pages

CHAPTER.13.Time-Based Editing