Take your After Effects projects to the next level by mastering its third-party plug-ins. Whether it's keying and compositing, adding particles of swirling smoke to a composition, or importing XML files from Final Cut Pro, third-party plug-ins can greatly enhance your After Effects capabilities. From sexy effects and graphics enhancements to workflow automation and file conversion, it's all covered in this lavishly illustrated, full-color book.

Coverage of hundreds of essential third-party plug-ins is provided, showing you when, why, and how to use each plug-in. Plug-ins for color, style, effects, distortions, warps, transitions, lens flares, text and graphical elements, and more are all covered in depth.

chapter 1|15 pages

Introduction to Plug-Ins

chapter 2|33 pages

Color Correction and Color Effects

chapter 3|56 pages


chapter 6|54 pages


chapter 7|32 pages

Invisible and Natural Effects

chapter 8|29 pages

Text and Graphic Elements

chapter 9|33 pages

Generating 3D Elements in After Effects

chapter 10|25 pages

Working With the 3D Camera

chapter 11|31 pages

Automation and Keyframe Generators

chapter 12|30 pages

Keying and Compositing Greenscreen Footage

chapter 14|20 pages

Fixing Video Problems

chapter 15|19 pages

Reference and Workflow

chapter 16|13 pages

More on Plug-Ins: The Faq