Design and implement video game sound from beginning to end with this hands-on course in game audio. Music and sound effects speak to players on a deep level, and this book will show you how to design and implement powerful, interactive sound that measurably improves gameplay. If you are a sound designer or composer and want to do more than just create audio elements and hand them over to someone else for insertion into the game, this book is for you. You'll understand the game development process and implement vital audio experiences-not just create music loops or one-off sound effects.

The Game Audio Tutorial isn't just a book-you also get a powerful website (www.thegameaudiotutorial.com)

chapter |32 pages

Basic Training

chapter |55 pages

How Big is the Truck?

chapter |72 pages

Making it Sound Real

chapter |90 pages

Music Systems

chapter |21 pages


chapter |60 pages

Making it Sound Good

chapter |6 pages

Next Steps

chapter |1 pages