In a world that is dominated by computer images, alternative stop motion techniques like pixilation, time-lapse photography and down-shooting techniques combined with new technologies offer a new, tangible and exciting approach to animation. With over 25 years professional experience, industry veteran, Tom Gasek presents a comprehensive guide to stop motion animation without the focus on puppetry or model animation. With tips, tricks and hands-on exercises, Frame by Frame will help both experienced and novice filmmakers get the most effective results from this underutilized branch of animation. Practical insight and inspiration from leading filmmakers like PES (Western Spaghetti Creator, Time Magazine's #2 Viral Video of 2008), Dave Borthwick, of the Bolex Brothers and more! The accompanying website will include further content driven examples, indexes of stop motion software, a recommended film list and tools and resources for the beginner and intermediate stop motion artist, animators and filmmakers.

chapter |15 pages

What Are the Possibilities?1

chapter |13 pages

Shooting Frame by Frame1

chapter |19 pages


chapter |13 pages

Time-Lapse Photography1

chapter |9 pages

Objects, People, and Places1

chapter |17 pages

The Multiplane Downshooter1

chapter |9 pages

A Sense of Drama1

chapter |9 pages

Rhythm and Flow1

chapter |10 pages

Collage (The Digital Advantage)1

chapter |9 pages

Massaging Frames in the Edit1

chapter |11 pages

Exposure to the Market1