Put the essential concepts and techniques of digital compositing to work for you without the need of a single mathematical equation. Compositing Visual Effects is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of film shots, figures, illustrations, and diagrams to help the visual reader gain a valuable vocabulary and understanding of the full range of visual effects, in which digital compositing plays a key role.

Beginning with an inspirational tour of the scope and magnitude of digital compositing, you get a solid overview of the kinds of digital effects routinely executed today. See how CGI is composited with live action, how set extensions are done, and what a match-move shot is. Following that you learn each of the key applications of digital compositing, which include bluescreen compositing, bullet-time shots, motion tracking, and rotoscoping. The subsequent chapters dig down into each of the major digital compositing applications, introducing the fundamental concepts, and processes behind them.

Learn what is easy and hard, possible and impossible, and what to expect when working on a job that entails digital compositing. New to this edition are 4 new chapters on:
* 3D compositing, with lessons on what camera tracking is, how it is used to put CGI into a live-action plate, as well as live action into a 3D scene.
* Stereo compositing, with descriptions of key stereoscopic terms and concepts, lessons on compositing shots that were filmed in stereo (both bluescreen and CGI), as well as the stereo conversion process when a flat 2D movie is converted to a stereo 3D movie
* RED and Digital Capture with Log Images, including log image formats. This is a very hot topic these days. Colleges hang around video because it is cheaper. Film is still big in the real world of production.
* Tracking an entire project from start to finish
This is in addition to robust updates on topics such as:
* planar tracking, Z compositing, working with Anamorphic HD formats, mocap, and more

This edition also includes a companion website with images from the book for you to work with in your own compositing exercises.

  • An accessible introduction to a complex subject for novice and aspiring compositors, from experienced author and compositing whose compositing credits include Night at the Museum 2, Shutter Island, Solaris, Traffic, and more
  • Full color presentation illustrating the art and techniques of the practice, provides inspiration along with instruction
  • New to this edition is a companion website, new chapters on 3D compositing, stereo compositing, RED and digital capture with log images, and more will have you understanding the latest in compositing technology in no time

chapter 1|20 pages

Visual Effects Today

chapter 2|22 pages

Digital Images

chapter 3|30 pages

Compositing CGI

chapter 4|26 pages

Bluescreen Compositing

chapter 5|12 pages

Creating Masks

chapter 6|14 pages


chapter 7|16 pages

Image Blending

chapter 8|24 pages


chapter 9|22 pages

The Art of Compositing

chapter 10|12 pages

Scene Salvage

chapter 11|18 pages

Working with Video

chapter 12|22 pages

Working with Film

chapter 13|14 pages

Digital Capture

chapter 14|30 pages

Stereo Compositing

chapter 15|14 pages

Life of a VFX Shot