Far more than just a software manual, Avid Editing is your trusted guide to uncovering the many layers of one of the world's most exciting crafts. This book weaves valuable editing principles together with the robust Avid workflow, delving deeply into efficient editing techniques and concepts. In an easy-to-read style, you'll encounter detailed step-by-step instructions for hundreds of Avid procedures, and more than 500 images and screen captures make complex concepts easy to grasp. You'll soon begin to know the system in and out, all while improving your overall editing technique and skillset.

Geared toward beginning and intermediate Avid editors, this book guides you through both narrative and documentary editing projects. The accompanying DVD provides professionally shot footage for you to edit, giving you a hands-on, learn-as-you-go experience.

chapter 1|38 pages

Getting Started

chapter 2|27 pages

Basic Editing

chapter 3|23 pages


chapter 4|18 pages

Using the Smart Tool

chapter 5|11 pages

A Few Editing Tips

chapter 6|28 pages

Customization and Organization

chapter 7|8 pages

Saving Your Work

chapter 8|33 pages


chapter 9|27 pages


chapter 10|24 pages


chapter 11|11 pages

Keeping in Sync

chapter 12|30 pages

Additional Editing and Effects Techniques

chapter 13|17 pages

Color Correction

chapter 14|23 pages

Script Integration

chapter 15|19 pages

Working in HD

chapter 16|34 pages

Inputting Media

chapter 17|31 pages

Outputting Your Sequence

chapter 18|18 pages

Shooting on Film, Cutting on Avid

chapter 19|4 pages

Present and Future