This book highlights the model of contemplative Catholic school leadership as an influence on faith-formation cultures within the Catholic school, and it demonstrates the impact of cultural factors on Catholic identity formation. By integrating reflection and Catholic values with a leader’s decision-making process, the model described in this volume seeks coherence between the leader’s faith beliefs and their behaviors. Including five unique, international case studies, this research emphasizes the character of the school leader—including faith identity—as the principal architect of the school’s culture.

chapter 1|8 pages

The Seeds and Evolution of This Project

chapter 2|11 pages

Catholic Schooling in a Global Church

chapter 3|10 pages

Being Catholic and Being Dutch

chapter 4|13 pages

Being Catholic in Contemporary England

chapter 5|7 pages

Being Catholic and Being Australian

chapter 6|9 pages

Somos un País Católico

chapter 7|10 pages

Bow and Pray

chapter 8|5 pages

Becoming Catholic, Being Catholic