This book is written in the belief that the time has come to reassess Titoism: from its Western-sponsored seizure of power and its Western-assisted development since 1939, to its present and resented dependence on Westerners who call themselves the "Friends of Yugoslavia".

chapter |13 pages


Tito and Seven Myths

chapter Chapter 1|28 pages

Tito the Latter-Day Patriot

chapter Chapter 2|27 pages

The Legend of the Liberation

chapter Chapter 3|45 pages

How Churchill was Hoodwinked

chapter Chapter 4|30 pages

Tito’s Rupture and Reconciliation with Moscow

chapter Chapter 5|31 pages

Non-Aligned against the West

chapter Chapter 6|28 pages

Neither Brotherhood Nor Unity

chapter Chapter 7|28 pages

The Holy Grail of Self-Management

chapter |20 pages


Pickled Falsehoods