This book tackles the future challenges and opportunities for planning our cities and towns in a changing climate and recommends key actions for more resilient urban futures.

Urban Planning for Climate Change focusses on how urban planning is fundamental to action on climate change. In doing so it particularly looks at current practice and opportunities for innovation and capacity building in the future - carbon neutral development, building back better and creating more resilient urban settlements around the world. The complex challenge of possible urban resettlement from the impact of climate change is covered as a special issue bringing a focus on adaptation, working with nature and delivering real action on climate change with local communities. Norman recommends ten essential actions for urban planning for climate change along with some suggestions to inspire the next generations to embrace these opportunities with creativity and innovation.

Featuring key messages and implications for practice in each chapter, this book will be of great interest to students, scholars, practitioners and communities involved in planning more climate resilient urban and regional futures.

chapter 1|25 pages


chapter 2|25 pages

Challenges present and future

chapter 3|26 pages

Urban planning for climate risks

Coastal inundation, wildfire, extreme heat and floods

chapter 4|29 pages

Climate-induced resettlement

Options for the future

chapter 5|26 pages

Climate-sensitive towns

Key considerations for the future

chapter 6|25 pages

Key actions

chapter 7|16 pages

Planning a liveable climate urban future