Posthumanism in the Novels of Kurt Vonnegut: Matter That Complains So re-examines the prevailing critical consensus that Kurt Vonnegut was a humanist writer. While more difficult elements of his work have often been the subject of scholarly attention, the tendency amongst critics writing on Vonnegut is to disavow them, or to subsume them within a liberal humanist framework. When Vonnegut’s work is read from a posthumanist perspective, however, the productive paradoxes of his work are more fully realised. Drawing on New Materialist, Eco-Critical and Systems Theory methodologies, this book highlights posthumanist themes in six of Vonnegut’s most famous novels, and emphasises the ways in which Vonnegut troubles human/non-human, natural/artificial, and material/discursive hierarchical binaries

chapter |22 pages


section Section One|49 pages

Comic Material

chapter 1|27 pages

Cat’s Cradle

The Life and Times of Ice-Nine

chapter 2|20 pages

Breakfast of Champions

Rebirth Suspended

section Section Two|60 pages

Environment and Evolution

chapter 3|25 pages

Mother Night

A Nation of Two

chapter 4|33 pages


Writing on Air

section Section Three|83 pages

Space and Time

chapter 5|42 pages

The Sirens of Titan

Matter That Complains So

chapter 6|39 pages



chapter |5 pages