Now in its sixth edition, Merryl Goldberg’s popular volume Arts Integration presents a comprehensive guide to integrating the arts throughout the K-12 curriculum, blending contemporary theory with classroom practice.

Beyond teaching about arts education as a subject in and of itself, the text explains how teachers may integrate the arts—literary, media, visual, and performing—throughout the subject curriculum, offering a wealth of strategies, techniques, and examples. Promoting ways to develop children’s creativity and critical thinking while also developing communications skills and fostering collaboration and community activism, Arts Integration explores assessment and the arts, engaging English Language Learners, and using the arts to teach academic skills in science, math, history, and more.

This text is ideal as a primer on arts integration and a foundational support for teaching, learning, and assessment, especially within the context of multicultural and multilingual classrooms. In-depth discussions of the role of arts integration in meeting the goals of Title I programs, including academic achievement, student engagement, school climate, and parental involvement, are woven throughout the text, as is the role of the arts in nurturing Creative Youth Development work and its importance to the community.

This revised and updated sixth edition combines a social justice emphasis with templates for developing lesson plans and units, updated coverage on STEAM education, along with brand new examples, case studies, and research. An expanded range of eResources is also available for this edition, including links to further resources readings, additional imagery and videos, and sample lesson plans.

chapter Chapter 1|18 pages

Art as Text, Arts Integration, and Arts Education

chapter Chapter 2|27 pages

Art Integration

A Methodology for Learning

chapter Chapter 3|15 pages

What Does It Mean to Be a Learner?

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

Piaget, Imitation, and the Blues

Reflections on Imagination and Creativity

chapter Chapter 5|33 pages

Communication, Expression, and Experience

Literacy and the Arts

chapter Chapter 6|38 pages

The Voices of Humanity

History, Social Studies, Geography, and the Arts

chapter Chapter 7|43 pages

The Wonder of Discovery

Science and the Arts

chapter Chapter 8|29 pages

Puzzles of the Mind and Soul

Mathematics and the Arts

chapter Chapter 9|20 pages

Setting the Stage for a Turn of Events

Subject Matter Informs the Arts

chapter Chapter 10|20 pages

Seeing a Different Picture

Assessment and the Arts

chapter Chapter 11|23 pages

A Lithograph in the Closet and an Accordion in the Garage

Connecting with the Arts and Artists in Your Community

chapter Chapter 12|14 pages

Beyond Walls

Mural Making and Critical Voices: Collaborative Art Projects