This textbook introduces current thinking on English as a global language and explores its role in intercultural and transcultural communication. It covers how English functions as a lingua franca in multilingual scenarios alongside other languages in a wide variety of global settings, and the fluid and dynamic links between English, other languages, and cultural identities and references.

The implications for English language teaching (ELT), academia, business, and digital communication are explored. Contemporary research and theory are presented in an accessible manner, illustrated with examples from current research, and supported with discussions and tasks to enable students to relate these ideas to their own experiences, needs, and interests. Each chapter contains activities to help students orientate towards the topic, reflect on personal experiences and opinions, and check their understanding. Additionally, a detailed glossary of key terminology in Global Englishes and Intercultural Communication is provided.

Exploring in depth the links between Global Englishes, Intercultural Communication research, and Transcultural Communication reasearch, this is key reading for all advanced students and researchers in Global or World Englishes, English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), and Intercultural Communication.

part I|71 pages

Core issues in understanding culture, language, and Global Englishes

chapter 1|19 pages

Characterising culture

chapter 2|17 pages

Culture and language

chapter 3|17 pages

Global languages in a multilingual world

chapter 4|16 pages

Global Englishes in a multilingual world

part II|85 pages

Critical approaches to culture, language, and Global Englishes

chapter 6|21 pages

Culture, language, and identity

chapter 8|20 pages

Multilingualism in Global Englishes

part III|85 pages

Contemporary issues and domains in culture, language, and Global Englishes

part IV|69 pages

Teaching and learning culture, language, and Global Englishes

chapter 13|22 pages

Awareness of English-within-multilingualism

chapter 14|20 pages

From communicative competence to intercultural awareness

Intercultural awareness and transcultural communication through Global Englishes