Undergraduate Research in Architecture: A Guide for Students supplies tools for scaffolding research skills, with examples of undergraduate research activities and case studies on projects in the various areas of architecture study. Undergraduate research has become a common degree requirement in some disciplines and is growing rapidly. Many undergraduate activities in music have components that could be combined into compelling undergraduate research projects, either in the required curriculum, as part of existing courses, or in capstone courses centered on undergraduate research.

Following an overview chapter, the next seven chapters cover research skills including literature reviews, choosing topics, formulating questions, citing sources, disseminating results, and working with data and human subjects. A wide variety of sub-disciplines follow in the remaining chapters, with sample project ideas from each as well as undergraduate research conference abstracts. The final chapter is an annotated guide to online resources. Included are some inspirational quotations concerning architecture’s commitment to research, and some examples of professional research that support the focus of the chapter. All chapters end with relevant questions for discussion.

chapter 1|8 pages


chapter 2|11 pages

Literature reviews

chapter 4|7 pages

Working with human subjects

chapter 6|7 pages

Analyzing and synthesizing data

chapter 7|6 pages

Citing sources

chapter 8|15 pages

Dissemination of results

chapter 9|16 pages

Form is knowledge

Design as research

chapter 10|15 pages

Material assembly and structure

chapter 11|13 pages

Architecture and the sustainable environment

chapter 12|14 pages

Architecture and history

chapter 13|16 pages


Architecture and society

chapter 14|17 pages

Architecture and urban design

chapter 15|8 pages

Architecture and the profession *

chapter 16|8 pages

Online Resources