Atomic Mumbai offers an insightful historical and ethnographic account of how nuclear issues are represented in popular culture, print media, films, documentaries, advertising and superhero comics, driven by perceptions of those based in the city of Mumbai, a prime site of nuclear establishments in India since the mid-1940s. Based on long-term fieldwork, and including rare photographs, narratives and extensive interviews, the volume documents urban nuclear imaginaries, along with their terrifying association with genetic mutation and death.

chapter One|20 pages

Atomic Mumbai

chapter Two|34 pages

The Dawn of the Atomic Age in India

chapter Three|27 pages

Atomic Schizophrenia

chapter Four|40 pages

The Wavering Spell of the Atom Bomb

chapter Five|35 pages

Nuclear Truths and Cracks in the Surface

chapter Six|28 pages

City of Smoky Quartz

chapter Seven|30 pages

A Patchwork of Portraits

chapter Eight|26 pages

Observing the Instruments of Armageddon

chapter Nine|33 pages

Atomic Comics

chapter Ten|11 pages

A Thousand Suns