Building a Career in Opera from School to Stage: Operapreneurship provides early-career singers with an overview of the structure of the opera industry and tools for strategically approaching a career within it. Today's voice students leave the conservatory with better training than ever, but often face challenges to managing their own careers after graduation. This book addresses what singers need to know in order to craft a career path in the contemporary landscape of opera.

Readers learn about the opera industry's structure, common pathways and entry points, non-academic training programs, researching and evaluating opportunities, crafting professional documents and media, and what it means to be a professional opera singer. Written by a singer with recent experience in the industry—and particularly the emerging phase—this book is a practical guide for all singers embarking on a career in opera.

The author's website, www.OperaCareers.com, hosts additional resources including databases of training programs, guides and templates for creating professional documents, as well as articles addressing current industry issues and interviews with subject matter experts.

chapter |6 pages


part I|26 pages

The Industry from 30,000 Feet

chapter 1|7 pages

Opera Companies

chapter 2|7 pages

Other Performing Arts Organizations

chapter 3|10 pages


part II|42 pages

How a Young Singer Prepares

chapter 4|10 pages

Formal Training

chapter 5|12 pages

Non-Academic Training Programs

PTSs, YAPs, and RAPs

chapter 6|5 pages

Your Team

chapter 7|12 pages


part III|72 pages

The Nuts and Bolts of Booking Work

chapter 8|13 pages

Professional Documents

chapter 9|8 pages

Cultivating Your Online Presence

chapter 10|16 pages

You, Inc. (Building Your Business)

chapter 11|17 pages

Auditions, Rep Books, and Pianists

chapter 12|12 pages

Beyond #bookedandblessed

Working in an Opera House