This book, first available in 1994, was published to commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of Heinrich Hertz’s death at the terribly young age of thirty-six. The introductory biography together with eleven papers by Hertz and seven about him are intended to highlight the importance of Hertz’s contributions to physics and at the same time to serve the needs of anyone interested in doing research on this highly gifted scientist.

chapter |82 pages

Introductory Biography

part I|4 pages

Hertz’s Childhood and Young Manhood (1857–1878): Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich

part II|4 pages

Berlin (1878-1883): Advanced Studies in Physics, Friedrich-Wilhelm University

chapter 2|10 pages

Hermann von Helmholtz: On 31 August 1891

part III|4 pages

Kiel University (1883-1885): Physics Instructor (Privatdozent)

part IV|4 pages

Karlsruhe (1885-1889): Professor of Physics, Technische Hochschule

chapter 6|30 pages

On Very Rapid Electric Oscillations

chapter 9|16 pages

On Electric Radiation

part V|4 pages

Bonn University (1889-1894): Professor of Physics

part VI|4 pages

Heinrich Hertz’s Importance in the History of Physics