Originally published in 1968, English Prisons Under Local Government gives a detailed account of the evolution of the English Prison System from the common gaol and the house of correction of the sixteenth century down to the statutory changes of the twentieth century, and survey the successive efforts at reform of John Howard and Elizabeth Fry, Jeremy Bentham and James Neild, Sir T. Fowell Buxton and J. J.Gurney. The origin and development of the cellular system, the treadwheel and the crank, the penal dietary and the 'system of progressive stages' all come under review, together with the administrative changes made by Sir Edmund Du Cane and Sir Evelyn Ruggles, and the reforms during the first part of the 20th century.

chapter Chapter II|14 pages

The State of the Prisons, 1700–1773

chapter Chapter III|6 pages

John Howard

chapter Chapter IV|5 pages

Parliamentary Action, 1774–1791

chapter Chapter V|7 pages

National Prisons (The Hulks and Mill-Bank)

chapter Chapter VI|16 pages

Prison Administration from 1774 to 1816

chapter Chapter VII|10 pages

The Renewal of Parliamentary Activity, 1811–1823

chapter Chapter VIII|37 pages

Rival Policies in Prison Administration, 1816–1835

chapter Chapter X|6 pages

Penal Servitude

chapter Chapter XII|31 pages

The Act of 1877 and The “Du Cane Regime”