This book focuses on China's economic transformation at firm and institution levels.

It shares insights into the growth of innovative Chinese firms in the automobile and telecom equipment sectors, both of which promoted social dialogue of policy-making and ultimately contributed to a policy paradigm shift in China's 'indigenous innovation'. The book illustrates, through case studies on firms like Geely, the Chery, the BYD, Huawei, the ZTE and the DTT, how these firms behave differently from other local actors and what social conditions had contributed to their success.

The book will help those who are interested to learn more about the rise of innovative Chinese firms to better understand the dynamics of China's industrial progress.

chapter 1|16 pages

From imitation to innovation

A policy transition

chapter 3|35 pages

Schumpeterian competition

The rise of Chinese local innovative firms

chapter 4|44 pages


“Trading market for technology” policy and its impact on Chinese state-owned enterprises

chapter 5|37 pages

Re-emergence of engineers

Organizational system of local innovative firms

chapter 6|22 pages

Various sources of organizing

Social conditions for the transformation

chapter 7|5 pages


Change of organizational pattern and rise of China’s indigenous innovation