This book presents an in-depth, careful study of our understanding of the concept of beauty in everyday objects and its impact on markets and brands. Moving beyond artistic notions of beauty, it demonstrates how beauty is an asset that can be leveraged in the marketplace.

Traditionally, beauty has been examined in relation to its influence on painting, sculpture, literature, music, and architecture. However, its value and power in the marketplace is understudied. Álvarez del Blanco provides a systematic analysis of beauty in commonplace objects and brands, drawing on cutting-edge research at the intersection of marketing and neurosciences. Through examining the neuroscientific evidence for how the brain processes beauty, the author articulates the implications this may have on marketing and brand management. He also offers a glimpse of how beauty may evolve, and its marketing implications for firm strategy in the coming decades.

Written by a recognized authority in marketing and brand strategy, Brand Beauty Unleashed gives students with an interest in marketing, consumer behavior, branding, and neuromarketing an exciting new perspective on this intangible asset.

part I|60 pages


chapter 1|12 pages

A brief history of beauty

chapter 2|13 pages

Typologies of Beauty

chapter 3|9 pages

Beauty and the sublime

chapter 4|11 pages

The beauty of objects

part II|48 pages

Beauty and the brain

chapter 6|13 pages


chapter 7|11 pages

The value of beauty

chapter 8|12 pages

Defining intentional beauty

part III|75 pages

The spell of beauty

chapter 10|14 pages

Physical beauty

chapter 11|10 pages

Inner beauty

chapter 12|10 pages


A spectacular factory of beauty

chapter 13|14 pages

Beauty in robotics and new technologies

chapter 14|11 pages

The economy of beauty

chapter 15|14 pages

The future of beauty