School improvement in recent years has largely focused on rapid improvement and quick fixes. Yet, genuine and sustainable school improvement is complex, gradual and incremental. It requires developing a culture and focusing relentlessly on teaching and learning.

The Gradual Art of School Improvement is a comprehensive practical guide to school improvement, covering aspects such as improvement planning, staff development, the learning environment, dealing with outside pressures including inspection, curriculum design and the role of leaders at all levels. It includes:

  • Detailed accounts of the steps that can be taken to create a positive learning culture over time
  • Case studies and worked examples, concentrating on the practical aspects of school improvement from the perspective of an experienced and successful head teacher
  • Ready-to-use practitioner resources that readers can adapt and use in their own settings

Accessibly written and entertaining, this book is an invaluable resource for leaders at all levels and stages of their career.

chapter 1|19 pages

Creating a learning culture

chapter 2|27 pages

Leadership for learning

chapter 3|13 pages

Real improvement planning

chapter 4|23 pages

Staff development

chapter 5|23 pages

The curriculum

chapter 6|22 pages

The myth of governance

chapter 7|12 pages


chapter 8|13 pages

Pupils, not systems