Strength and power are recognised as key components of human health and performance. Therefore, it is vital for exercise scientists and strength and conditioning practitioners to be able to assess these qualities effectively. Testing methods of these components are often presented as standalone chapters in textbooks which provides the reader with an overview of these aspects.

Testing and Evaluation of Strength and Power provides a detailed explanation of testing and evaluation methods for strength and power. The book considers the relationship between the methods of assessment, research on the various approaches to evaluation and how practitioners and researchers can use the information in applied settings. The book provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of methods of strength and power assessment protocols and how they can be used to inform programming.

This integrated approach to assessment of strength and power is recommended reading for students on strength and conditioning course and of vital reading to those on specialised courses on strength and power as well as coaches in the fitness testing and strength and conditioning disciplines.

chapter 1|18 pages

Principles of Strength and Power Testing

chapter 2|21 pages


chapter 3|17 pages

Testing Dynamic Strength

chapter 4|20 pages

Testing Isometric Strength

chapter 5|10 pages

Testing Eccentric Strength

chapter 6|17 pages


chapter 7|17 pages

Testing Power

chapter 8|15 pages

Testing Strength and Power Endurance

chapter 10|16 pages

Strength and Power Testing to Programming