Multi-Sided Music Platforms and the Law explores the legal and regulatory frameworks surrounding copyright protection, competition and privacy concerns arising from the way multi-sided platforms use copyright-protected content in digital advertising.

This book suggests how stakeholders in Africa, and their advisors, may ingenuously reform and apply various legal and regulatory frameworks to address these issues which arise from the manner in which multi-sided platforms use copyright-protected content in digital advertising. The book critically engages with the regulatory efforts in other jurisdictions, particularly the EU, with a view to bringing an African perspective to the debate and practice. It undertakes a consideration of this issue by asking how multi-sided platforms may be deployed in a manner that continues innovative uses of copyright content while protecting the economic freedom of African copyright owners as small businesses.

Providing the first pro-Africa approach to the regulation of multi-sided platforms, particularly with reference to music, this book focuses on key aspects of digital commercial activity and highlights the main challenges and opportunities for its regulation. It will be of interest to lawyers, policymakers and students across Nigeria, South Africa, and internationally among the African Union, European Union and beyond.


chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

Introduction to multi-sided music platforms

chapter Chapter 3|57 pages

Copyright infringement

chapter Chapter 4|22 pages

Multi-sided music platforms and privacy law

chapter Chapter 5|39 pages

Competition law infractions

chapter Chapter 6|15 pages

Regulatory and advisory directions

chapter Chapter 7|3 pages