What makes some experiences more memorable than others? How can you better remember specific information later? Memories That Matter addresses these questions and more.

The book is divided into three main parts, with each part focusing on a different aspect of memory. After the introductory first part, Part II discusses everyday uses of memory and why we remember, establishing a foundation for how memory is structured and stored in the brain. Part III dives into what makes us remember. Emotional and rewarding experiences are both more memorable than mundane experiences but are often studied using different approaches. Self-relevance and objects we can interact with are remembered better than less relevant information. The author explores these motivation-related influences on memory and considers whether a common mechanism underlies them all. Part IV changes the focus, discussing how we sometimes want to remember specific information that does not automatically capture our attention. The book considers evidence-based learning strategies and memory strategies, whilst also exploring real-world applications, with discussion of professions that accomplish amazing memory feats daily. The book concludes with a reflection on how the role of memory is changing as our world makes information increasingly accessible, particularly with the ever-expanding influence of the internet.

Drawing from a variety of literatures and perspectives, this important book will be relevant for all students of memory from psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and related health backgrounds.

part I|26 pages


chapter Chapter 1|24 pages

Pondering the past and fantasising about the future

part II|127 pages


chapter Chapter 2|28 pages

Considering the functional purpose

chapter Chapter 3|42 pages

Structure and organisation

chapter Chapter 4|27 pages

Individual variability

chapter Chapter 5|27 pages

Neurobiological architecture

part III|165 pages


chapter Chapter 6|41 pages

Memories of emotions past

chapter Chapter 7|31 pages

Remembering the wins

chapter Chapter 8|31 pages

Making it personal

chapter Chapter 9|25 pages

Moving to remember

chapter Chapter 10|31 pages

A domain-general influence of motivation

part IV|121 pages

Deliberate strategies

chapter Chapter 11|32 pages

Strategies for deliberate memorisation

chapter Chapter 12|45 pages

Memory expertise across domains

chapter Chapter 13|41 pages

Extended mind, expanded memory

part V|46 pages


chapter Chapter 14|21 pages

Final thoughts

chapter |22 pages

Quiz answers