This book is a primer for debate about the fitness of the American political system as it moves toward the twenty-first century. It focuses on structural matters: the electoral process, the major institutions of the federal government and how they interact, and what we can do when they perform ineffectively or abuse their powers. Part 1 presents a

part One|32 pages

Signs of Strain

chapter 2|10 pages

Choosing Leaders

chapter 3|6 pages

Managing the Economy

part Two|21 pages

Do We Need Structural Reform?

part Three|86 pages

Specific Proposals

chapter 7|39 pages

How We Choose Our Leaders

chapter 8|25 pages

How Government Works Together

chapter 9|14 pages

What We Do When Government Fails

chapter 10|4 pages

How Reforms Interact

part Four|11 pages

How To Proceed

chapter 11|9 pages

The Agenda of Reform