The aim of this book is to shed light on how people come to hold opposing views, how these views solidify into the sides of a debate and how one side becomes the dominant view. Why, as all have access to the same nature, physical and human, don't they come to the same conclusions? Or, if each individual is different, why don't they come to wholly different conclusions? A sociology of perception must explain both why the world resembles neither an epistemological Tower of Babel in which communication between individuals is impossible nor a homogenized blend in which communication is no longer necessary. t

chapter Chapter 1|5 pages


chapter Chapter 2|21 pages

Historiography and Cultural Theory

chapter Chapter 3|45 pages

Bullionism and Irish Currency

chapter Chapter 4|31 pages

English Currency and the Bullion Report

chapter Chapter 5|35 pages

The Failure of Bullionist Monetary Theory and Policy

chapter Chapter 6|34 pages

The Success of Bullionism and the Bullionists

chapter Chapter 7|14 pages

Summary, Assessment, and Conclusions