First published over 20 years ago, this book remains the definitive study of Fidel Castro. Based on interviews conducted between 1958 and 1966, the book covers a wide range of topics, including aid to other revolutions, relations with the United States and the Soviet Union, and individual freedom in a Communist society. For this edition the author

chapter one

A trip to Uvero

chapter two|32 pages

With Castro on the Isle of Pines

chapter three|60 pages

Castro's Cuba (interview-part one)

chapter four|64 pages

Fidel's Fidel (interview-part two)

chapter six|36 pages

political prisoners

chapter seven|20 pages

Camarioca and the exodus

chapter eight|23 pages

Portfolio: images of Cuba

chapter nine|16 pages


chapter ten|6 pages

Che Guevara's disappearance

chapter eleven|10 pages

afterword to the Vintage edition

chapter twelve|15 pages

Castro's Cuba twenty-five years later