As press secretary to Mikhail Gorbachev, Andrei Grachev witnessed and recorded many events unobserved by the general public. In this engaging and compelling book, he recounts these episodes in vivid detail, interpreting them in the context of the time. Highlighted are top-level meetings with Western leaders; State Council debates on a new treaty of union (promising, until Gorbachev and Yeltsin sparred over Russia's policy toward the Chechen republic); and Gorbachev's private talks with leading members of government, business, and religious and cultural circles from around the world.

chapter |11 pages

Mending the Breach

chapter |19 pages

Reinforcements from the Second Front

chapter |13 pages

On a Crumbling Verge

chapter |11 pages

A President Without a Country

chapter |25 pages

One Last Mission for the Union

chapter |16 pages

The Mirage of a Confederal State

chapter |6 pages

“A Free Man with Nothing to Fear”

chapter |8 pages

“A Cloud in Trousers”

chapter |17 pages

Fight to the Finish

chapter |8 pages

Final Hours

chapter |5 pages

Checking the Pulse

chapter |9 pages

Last Rites

chapter |5 pages

Burying a Time Capsule

chapter |20 pages