"I would like to thank the business and education leaders who served on the CED Subcommittee on Finance and Third World Economic Growth for their diligent work and practical contributions. In particular I would like to thank Subcommittee Chairman James W. McKee, chairman of the executive committee of CPC International Inc., whose leadership, insight, and interest in these issues guided the subcommittee through to publication of the policy statement. I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding work of Professor Isaiah Frank of the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, who served as project director. His knowledge in this field and expertise in drafting the statement clarified many complex issues. Thanks also go to Research Assistant Patricia Pollard of Johns Hopkins University, who was of valuable assistance to Dr. Frank in compiling the necessary research. William "

chapter 1|16 pages

Summary and Major Recommendations

chapter 3|16 pages

External Finance and Policies

chapter 4|28 pages

Official Finance

chapter 5|37 pages

Foreign Private Investment

chapter 6|48 pages

Commercial Lending