This book was written to make modem policy analysis methods accessible to policy analysts. It can improve policy decisions by combining the best analytical methods with the power of analysts' and decisionmakers' good judgment and with microcomputer hardware and software.

chapter 1|10 pages


chapter 2|35 pages

Regression and Statistical Methods

chapter 3|10 pages

Using Microcomputers for Policy Analysis

chapter 5|23 pages

Supply and Elasticity Estimation

chapter 6|32 pages

Classical Welfare Analysis

chapter 7|61 pages

Simulation and Systems Modeling

chapter 8|23 pages

Enterprise Budgets

chapter 9|26 pages

Mathematical Programming

chapter 10|40 pages

Agricultural Project Investment Analysis

chapter 12|33 pages

International Trade Policies

chapter 13|18 pages

Macroeconomic Linkages to Agriculture

chapter 14|20 pages

Index Numbers and Aggregation