The international conference Arid Lands: Today and Tomorrow drew more than 400 participants from over 3 S countries to Tucson, Arizona, for one week in October of 19 8 S. The diversity of presenters, disciplines and subject matters addressed contributed to an interesting and informative conference. The papers presented in this volume represent the efforts of scientists and other individuals who, through their various disciplines, are addressing the problems of and opportunities presented by the arid lands of the world. A committee of five scientists reviewed for substance. relevance and their contribution to the conference the 284 abstracts that were submitted. They selected 146 for presentation at the conference and of those papers presented, 128 were received for inclusion in the proceedings.

chapter Chapter 1|32 pages

Plenary Sessions

chapter Chapter 2|63 pages


chapter Chapter 3|68 pages

Underutilized Plants

chapter Chapter 4|56 pages

Irrigation and Water Management

chapter Chapter 5|39 pages

Biosphere Reserves

chapter Chapter 6|63 pages

Water Policy

chapter Chapter 7|55 pages

Animal Resources

chapter Chapter 8|75 pages

Desert Ecology

chapter Chapter 9|66 pages

Crop Physiology and Agronomy

chapter Chapter 10|52 pages

Urban Environments

chapter Chapter 11|57 pages


chapter Chapter 12|61 pages

Land Intensification

chapter Chapter 13|40 pages

Ecology of Nomadic Turkana Pastoralists

chapter Chapter 14|88 pages


chapter Chapter 15|59 pages


chapter Chapter 16|75 pages

Small-Scale Water Management

chapter Chapter 17|53 pages

Culture and Demography

chapter Chapter 18|61 pages


chapter Chapter 19|61 pages

General Geography

chapter Chapter 20|73 pages

Range Management

chapter Chapter 21|76 pages

Economic Development

chapter Chapter 22|63 pages

New Crops

chapter Chapter 23|64 pages

Desert Riparian Systems and Reclamation

chapter Chapter 24|11 pages

Concluding Remarks