In attempting to understand the growing importance of the monetary problem for deficit countries, the author found himself drawn into more and more abstract and general problems of economic theory and institutional change. The post-war period has completed the internationalisation of capitalism: production at any point depends directly upon a mult

chapter |6 pages


part Part I|79 pages

The Organisation and Theory of International Stability

chapter 2|43 pages

International Economic Theory and Policy

part Part II|68 pages

The Roots of Uneven Development and Structural Disintegration

chapter 3|31 pages

The Dynamics of Uneven Development

part Part III|92 pages

Integration and Disintegration in the International Monetary System, 1945–1981

chapter |4 pages


chapter 5|23 pages

The System and its Flaws: an Overview

chapter 7|11 pages

Beyond Breakdown