Originally published in 1923, this book covers the career of Lord Shaftesbury from his early career, through Peel's government and factory legislation, and onto religion and philanthropy. His name recalls great achievements in the reform of law; a powerful force in debates and contests, on the issue of which depended the fortunes of England, and he helped to both create and destroy institutions, habits and beliefs to great consequence of his successors.

chapter I|9 pages

Ashley’s Early Career

chapter II|13 pages

The State of the Factories

chapter III|11 pages

The First Battle

chapter VI|8 pages

Peel and Ashley 1841

chapter VII|17 pages

The Reform of the Mines 1842

chapter X|7 pages

The Turning Point 1846

chapter XI|25 pages

The Ten Hours Compromise 1849–1850

chapter XII|18 pages

Public Health

chapter XIII|14 pages

Shaftesbury and the Agricultural Labourer

chapter XIV|29 pages

The Reform of the Lunacy Laws

chapter XV|21 pages

Climbing Boys

chapter XVI|24 pages

Religion and Philanthropy

chapter XVII|16 pages

Shaftesbury’s Place in the Century