Originally published in 1925, when it was published, this book was intended to give an up to date, concise account of the aim and methods of science with regards to Psychology. It contains chapters on various scientific methods such as the Evolutionary or Genetic Method, the Method of Difference and The Method of Residues, and chapters on probability and the laws of nature.

chapter Chapter I|10 pages


chapter Chapter II|11 pages

The Chief Cognitive Processes in the Service of Science

chapter Chapter III|12 pages

Classification and Description

chapter Chapter IV|12 pages

The Evolutionary and Comparative Methods

chapter Chapter V|20 pages

The Simpler Inductive Methods

chapter Chapter VI|14 pages

The Statistical Method

chapter Chapter VII|12 pages

The Deductive-Inductive Method

chapter Chapter VIII|18 pages

Order in Nature and Laws of Nature

chapter Chapter IX|18 pages

Scientific Explanation

chapter Chapter X|24 pages