Published in 1959: This book is the only detailed study of the origin of the German customs union and its history up to the establishment of the united Reich in 1871. It is based on the author's researches in the Public Record Office and in the archives as Berlin and Vienna and takes full account of the numerous monographs by German Scholars on various aspects of Zollverein history.

chapter Chapter I|20 pages

Germany in 1815

chapter Chapter III|33 pages

The Founding of the Zollverein, 1828–1833

chapter Chapter IV|47 pages

The Zollverein on Trial, 1834–1841 1

chapter Chapter V|40 pages

The Zollverein in the ’Forties, 1842–1847 1

chapter Chapter VI|39 pages

The First Zollverein Crisis, 1848–1853

chapter Chapter VII|34 pages

The Zollverein in the ’Fifties, 1854–1859

chapter Chapter VIII|41 pages

The Second Zollverein Crisis, 1860–1865 1

chapter Chapter IX|41 pages

The Old Zollverein and The New, 1866–1888 1