Psychology and Work is a new edition of the award-winning textbook written for introductory Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychology classes. This book makes the core topics of I-O Psychology clear, relevant, and accessible to students through its dynamic design. The real-world examples from the perspectives of employees and employers highlight how I-O Psychology is applied to today’s workplace.

Psychology and Work, Second Edition covers the core areas of I-O Psychology including an overview of the field and its history. The topics covered include up-to-date research methods and statistics; job analysis and criterion measurement; performance appraisal; personnel selection; training and development; work motivation; leadership; job attitudes and emotions, occupational health psychology, safety, and stress; teams; and organizational structure, culture, and change. Throughout the text, an emphasis is placed on essential issues for today’s workplace such as diversity and inclusion, the evolving role of big data and analytics, legal issues, and the changing nature of work.

Written by dedicated I-O professors with expertise in I-O Psychology and teaching this course, the book and supporting materials provide a range of high-quality pedagogical materials, including interactive features, quizzes, PowerPoint slides, numerous case studies, recommended videos, and an expanded, high-quality test bank.

part I|71 pages


chapter Chapter 1|31 pages

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The Profession and Its History

chapter Chapter 2|39 pages

Research Methods

part II|245 pages

Industrial Psychology

chapter Chapter 3|37 pages

Job Analysis

chapter Chapter 4|26 pages

Measuring Work Performance

Criterion Measures

chapter Chapter 5|42 pages

Performance Appraisal

Measurement and Management of Performance

chapter Chapter 6|45 pages

Personnel Selection

Tests and Other Selection Procedures

chapter Chapter 7|45 pages

Personnel Selection

Strategic Issues in the Deployment of Selection Systems

chapter Chapter 8|49 pages

Training and Development

part III|256 pages

Organizational Psychology

chapter Chapter 9|40 pages

Work Motivation

chapter Chapter 10|43 pages

Leadership at Work

chapter Chapter 11|38 pages

Job Attitudes and Emotions at Work

chapter Chapter 12|50 pages

Stress and Occupational Health Psychology

chapter Chapter 13|41 pages

Teams at Work

chapter Chapter 14|42 pages

Organizational Structure, Culture, and Change