Published in 1927: The purpose of the present work is consequently to serve as a guide to English horror-romanticism and by presenting  the chief materials used by it and grouping them according to the various themes employed, to show how the main romantic movement that began at the turn of the century and is represented in all shorter expositions of the subject as a suddenly bursting wave, as a kid of spontaneous revolution, is in all essentials the outcome of an organic development with widely spread roots that penetrate deep into the past.

chapter I|80 pages

The Haunted Castle

chapter II|54 pages

Matthew Gregory Lewis

chapter IV|18 pages

The Criminal Monk

chapter VI|24 pages

The Byronic Hero

chapter VII|24 pages

Ghosts and Demoniac Beings

chapter VIII|16 pages

Incest and Romantic Eroticism

chapter X|20 pages

Other Themes

chapter XI|10 pages

Suspense and Terror