Published in 1987: This posthumous publication (1902) on the important Miscellanies of Clement, includes the complete Greek text of Book Seven with English translation and detailed notes. This is preceded by an extensive introduction based on the editor’s lectures, discussing Christianity and philosophy in Clement's foundational work, which relates to a Victorian debate concerning the supposed pollution of 'pure' Christianity by 'alien' Greek thought. The Editor argued that not only had Hellenism been present from the earliest days of Christianity, but also that the interaction between the two had resulted in a 'de-secularization of philosophy'. He also emphasised Clement's view that the archetypal Christian ought to live 'as much by prayer and love as by knowledge and thought'.

    1. On the Title Stromateis  2. Influence of Greek Philosophy on the Theology and Ethics of Clement  3. Clement and the Mysteries  4. Estimates of Clement  5. The Test of the Stromateis  6. Analysis of Strom