Published in 1950: Here is the first comprehensive study of Korea since its liberation and division. Written by an outstanding American authority with long personal knowledge of the country, it provides an analysis of the American and Russian military occupations, the efforts of the United Nations to deal with the problem of Unification of the country, the political and economic policies followed in the northern and southern regimes, and an appraisal of the U.S. program of economic and military aid to South Korea.

chapter |7 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

The Historical Background

chapter 2|16 pages

Korea as a Japanese Colony

chapter 3|23 pages

Korea in 1945

chapter 5|21 pages

The American Interim Regime

chapter 6|21 pages

American Economic Policies

chapter 7|26 pages

Agriculture in South Korea

chapter 9|10 pages

The Soviet Political Regime

chapter 12|30 pages

Divided Korea 1

chapter 13|24 pages

The Future of a Divided Korea